Red and Black Broadway Jazz/tap Dance Costume

USD $469.00

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Red and Black Broadway Jazz/tap Dance Costume

USD $469.00

Red and Black Broadway Jazz Dance Costume – childs sz 12

Out of stock

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Red & Sparkly Jazz Dance Costume – childs sz 12

Looking for lots of sparkle, this stunning costume wont let you down.

Gorgeous crystals details /patterning and stunning fringing & beaded fringing braids used on this design.

Nude mesh to stomach area for those looking for that little bit more coverage.


BUST 79-84CM (31”-33”)

WAIST 66-69CM (25.8”-27”)

FULL HIPS 84-91 (53”-57”)

Girth 130-136 (51”-53 ½”)

Classically Costumed is a leading Designer/couture dance costume business in Australia. Our costumes have won many awards around the world and have become increasing popular in USA and Europe. It is our quality & uniqueness, those finishing touches that make a costume really standout.  Because of this when your dancer has grown out of their  costume, you can be sure to get a good return on your dollar when selling on.

Please note that we do not recreate any costumes in entirety as we believe every dancer should look and feel unique.
We are happy to check your dancers measurements against the garment to check fit if required

Please choose carefully we do not refund.


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