Stretch Tutu versus Non-stretch Tutu

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Stretch tutu versus Non-stretch

This is a question I am so often asked.

Once upon a time from my background in creating for dance companies I would always opted for the non-stretch.  However over the years of working with dance mums I can well understand the budget of everyone is not the same.  Of course the stretch tutu is significantly cheaper than that of a non-stretch.

Many years ago I really felt that the stretch tutu looked like the poor man’s tutu to be honest.  There was such a vast difference of the beauty of a non-stretch to a stretch.  How things have changed, over the past years we have spent a lot of time in drafting patterns that brought similar seamlines and elegance that the non-stretch had to the stretch.  Now there are so many different styles on non-stretch to choose from, lovely long lines, bodice and basque, low backs etc etc.  No longer is it a poor man’s tutu but a tutu that can be very beautiful.

The next question I am asked which will last longer, many believe that their child will have a stretch tutu much longer than a non-stretch tutu.   Well I don’t really agree with this as the stretch tutu is made without the ability to let out seams, where the stretch tutu has large let out points.  So the experience I have had with my clients is that the stretch tutu may last 2yrs, the non-stretch tutu arrives back about 2yrs later (mum has moved the hook and eyes as far as possible) and it’s time to let out those seams.  Of course you always have those dancers that don’t grow much or those that suddenly hit puberty and completely change shapes.

Then there is this to think about in 2 years’ time will the dancers music have changed and we will be looking for something completely different? I know with my daughter she didn’t really grow (in fact at 24yrs old she is still waiting to grow J ).  However her choreography changed considerably over the years she danced, which really called for different tutu’s.

One thing I can say  from experience with my time with ballet company’s the non-stretch tutu cared for correctly can last decades. Where it’s opposition the stretch tutu will perish over time.

There is a lot to think about when purchasing a tutu.

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Julia x